What's On?
What's On?

23rd April - 8th May 2021
Westside Theatre

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What are the benefits of being a member?

The biggest benefit to becoming a member is that you will be informed about upcoming auditions and shows, social events, what’s on in the theatre, and it is generally easier to know what is going on to become involved. You will also gain voting rights at the Annual General Meeting, and be able to have a say in what happens around your theatre.

How do I get involved / experience?

The best way to become involved is to join the theatre. You will then be contacted when there are opportunities for involvement.

I am not an actor, but I want to get involved, are there things that I can do?

There are heaps of things for non performers to do around the theatre.  We always need people to do wardrobe, backstage crew, front of house, lighting, sound, set decorating, set construction, hair, make-up, marketing, etc.

When is your next social event?

We have social events come up all year round. The best way to know when these are coming up is to join the theatre.