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Each year in February an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held to elect committee members who are then charged with looking after the society.

All members and observers are welcome to the AGM, but only current financial members are eligible to cast a vote at the AGM.


The Committee members are responsible for the general running of the society on behalf of the members and each take on different areas of interest and expertise. These are generally divided into subcommittees that members are then welcome to join and contribute to.


The committee is made up of 11 to 13 members being President, 2x Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 6-8x Committee members. Each year the President, Secretary, Treasurer, 1x Vice President and 3x Committee members must be elected onto the committee.

Jeremy Sparrow
Jeremy 2023.jpg

Jeremy has been involved with Tauranga Musical Theatre since 1996.  He has been on Committee since 2018 and has been President of the Society since 2020.  Jeremy is also the Honorary Solicitor for Musical Theatre New Zealand.  Jeremy has a strong emphasis on future planning for the Society.  He is passionate about ensuring the Society thrives and remains strong, and he works hard to achieve that goal.  He has enjoyed implementing various policies and procedures for the Society, being involved in show selection, and more recently, youth development.  Jeremy remains humbled by the incredibly talented, hardworking, loyal, and inspiring people that come together to form our TMT family.

Hannah 2023.jpg
Vice President
Hannah Lee

Hannah is one of our youth coordinators here at TMT alongside Tayla. She is an advocate for our youth and up skilling the next Gen. She joined TMT in 2018 and since then has loved the many opportunities to be in roles on and off the stage. She enjoys doing props, stage crew and has even given Head of Wardrobe a go. Hannah is so excited to be a part of the TMT Committee.

Helen O’Connor

Theatre is in Helen’s blood. Her mother performed on the stage for the then Tauranga Operatic Society. Helen spent her youth dancing on Baycourt stage, and later making many dance costumes and supporting local school theatre productions.

Helen joined TMT for the show Wicked in 2019. Wardrobe has become her passion and where she’s been mainly found during the past 4 years. She’s been head of wardrobe for consortium productions and costume designer for TMT shows at 17th Ave. Helen loves making the performers look and feel good, empowering the talented performers of TMT to be their best self on stage. Helen enjoys the creativity of the theatre, she treasures the special friendships she has made, and the sense of family amongst TMT members. Helen decided to expand her involvement in TMT by joining the committee, and using her experience from other community committees and boards. Helen looks forward to contributing to more facets of our Theatre in the future.

Eve Kennedy

Eve became involved with TMT when her daughter started participating in youth shows but has always loved musical theatre. She has been involved in some way with lots of youth and adult shows since 2020, including head of wardrobe, front of house, set building, quick changes, wigs and child wrangling in the green room during youth shows. Eve especially loves working with the TMT youth and watching their confidence on and off stage develop as well as seeing the incredible friendships that the kids make. Eve is excited to be able to give back to TMT which has become like a second home for her family.

Tayla 2023.jpg
Vice President
Tayla Skudder

Tayla runs TMT youth alongside Hannah and loves inspiring young people to be passionate about theatre. She has been a member of TMT since 2018, performing in a variety of shows. When not onstage, Tayla enjoys musical directing and getting involved behind the scenes in tech, particularly sound. Tayla is thrilled to be a part of your TMT committee.

Sophie Andrews

Sophie has been a part of the TMT community for a year now. She has loved getting involved in a number of off-stage roles at the theatre, the most recent being the roles of Assistant Production Manager and Stage Manager for Newsies Jr. She has enjoyed every minute of the past year at TMT and is very excited to be a part of the 2023 Committee with such a wonderful group of people.

Mark Fowler
Mark 2023.jpg

Mark was begrudgingly brought to the theatre one day by his wife Gina and was so blown away by what was happening, he is yet to leave. He was drawn in by the theatre's mystic , the professional feel to the productions and blown away by the local talent on the stage. When he is not out the back building sets and maintaining the building you will find him out the front during show season. After being involved in bringing the shows to life, there is nothing better that seeing the reactions of the crowd. Getting the feedback from the patrons as they leave with huge smiles on their faces makes the time commitment we’ll worthwhile.

Millie 2023.jpg
Millie Rowe

Millie is a huge theatre lover, having been involved in shows since she was little. Millie was initially involved in on stage roles of shows, both in high school and with Tauranga Musical Theatre. However as she has become more involved in the society she has found other passions, including wardrobe and working with the youth. Millie feels privileged to be a member of the TMT committee, and looks forward to making a positive contribution to the theatre which has meant so much to her.

Sam 2023.jpg
Sam Howe

Sam has been involved with Tauranga Musical Theatre since 2009, mainly in on stage roles under the bright lights. Now he feels he has the time to give back to a place which has given him so many amazing opportunities and memories! He is proud to be a part of the hard working committee team and helping with the unseen tasks most take for granted. Being Head of Building, his goal is to get many long overdue projects started and completed, and to make TMT somewhere everyone can be proud of!

Peter 2023.jpg
Peter Wayman

Musical Theatre runs in the family for Peter, having taken part in productions from the age of 16 his main interest developed into working behind the scenes, stage managing many productions for over 30 years in the UK. He has always been a keen supporter of TMT productions since arriving in NZ. Having sold his business in Tauranga, Peter is now very happy to be able to give time and experience to TMT. He is also very proud to have two grandsons as active members of the Society.

Sel 2023.jpg
Selwyn West

With an interest in all things technical you will find Sel behind the scenes rather than in the spotlight. His family has been involved in musical theatre for several years and because of them has helped construct sets and break them down again. He is enjoying serving on the committee and looks forward to sharing his skills to benefit the TMT society. He likes coffee, trivia and running to keep fit.

Siobhan Waterhouse

For more than two decades, Siobhan has worked across Aotearoa and Australia as a freelance communications consultant and publicist for arts, entertainment and event clients and projects. She has an ATCL in Speech and Drama, a Performer’s Certificate in Cello, and performed in shows, choirs and orchestras for years as a young person. But marketing and promoting the arts – and the talented people on stage – is her happy place these days.

Zoe Robinson
Zoe 2023.jpg

Zoe came to TMT a few years ago to help with Front of House for a show and has never left. She loves every aspect of being involved with TMT from being able to perform on stage to helping backstage and painting set.

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